Tommy Dreamer Discusses Darby Allin Glass Spot From AEW Revolution 2024

During Sting's recent swan song at AEW Revolution, Darby Allin performed another death-defying spot, which ended with him going through a pane of glass after jumping off of a ladder set up in the ring. Tommy Dreamer, who similarly had a hardcore career, recently commented on the spot during "Busted Open Radio," and whether it should've been included at all.


"I would be a hypocrite to say hold back," Dreamer said. He also praised Allin's tenacity to still get back up, but noted it should've been the last time he was seen onscreen for the match. "Think about the big bump that Mankind took, there was a stretcher job, there was a raising gate, there's a lot of time in between there." Dreamer then expressed concern for fans and noted that even though he's heard nothing about any lawsuits, it wouldn't be a pleasant experience. Additionally, he recalls how dangerous it is to work with both glass or fire. "Glass and fire, they're the two most dangerous things because you can't control it." Despite this, Dreamer disagrees with people questioning the bump. "It's not fair, wrestling is an art, whatever somebody wants to do, if somebody wants to take that big bump, that's that person's prerogative."


Bully Ray added to the conversation, also agreeing Allin shouldn't have gotten up from the bump. "What Darby did should be a final bump. You should not get up from it." Later in the episode, he also expressed his real issue with it, and claimed it took away from Sting. "I would want all the focus on the guy that's most deserving. That's my take on it."

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