Eric Bischoff Identifies One Issue He Had With Sting's Final Match At AEW Revolution

Sting's swan song at AEW Revolution 2024 has been a much-talked-about subject over the past week, with many sharing high praise for the match. On "Strictly Business," Eric Bischoff pointed out his only issue with "The Icon's" final bout. Bischoff started by stating that to him as long as Sting was happy, he was happy for him, and living through him. He then pointed out how cool it was for Sting to involve his sons in the match, but noted that there were simply parts of the encounter that he didn't like, and that it simply wasn't his favorite kind of match.


"I don't like cardboard gimmick matches; this was no exception. I felt the Darby thing was flat-out stupid," Bischoff said. He then explained that he felt the spot didn't add anything to the match. "I think it's scratching whatever weird f**king itch Darby Allin has. The risk involved, just the idea of it, it didn't do anything at all for the match, it didn't do anything at all for Sting."

Despite this, Bischoff was ultimately fine with the match, largely due to the way it ended, but concluded that the fan experience and impression of the match is far more important than anything he has to say. "The crowd left happy and that was the most important part. At the end of it all, it doesn't matter what my opinion is, it really only matters what the fans think and I think the fans left happy. It was a home run."


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