AEW Collision 3/9/2024 - The Debut Of The New Elite, Six Man Atlanta Street Fight

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of AEW "Collision"! "Collision" is being broadcast from the Gas South Arena in Duluth, GA.

We are dealing with the fallout of "Revolution". On this week's "Dynamite", we saw the debut of "The Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada as an official member of the AEW roster. Prior to his debut, EVPs Matthew and Nicholas Jackson suspended "Hangman" Adam Page and fired Kenny Omega from The Elite. Omega was quickly replaced by Okada. Tonight, the "new" Elite will be in action.


House of Black continue their beef with Mark Briscoe. On "Dynamite", Jay Lethal offered to help his friend against the trio in an Atlanta Street Fight, although their friendship has been strained due to his friendship with Jeff Jarrett. Briscoe specifically said he didn't want Jarrett to be involved. Lethal said that there was no one better to have on their side in a street fight than "Double J".

The night before the Oscars, "Timeless" Toni Storm will be presenting the inaugural "Toni Award" (with an "I" for legal reasons). Storm's understudy, Mariah May will be in action against the hard-hitting Trish Adora.

Looking to pick up a win after losing at "Revolution" to Eddie Kingston is Bryan Danielson. The "American Dragon" will take on Shane Taylor. Taylor couldn't believe the Blackpool Combat Club overlooked Lee Moriarity and chose Wheeler Yuta. He has been defeated by Jon Moxley. He and Moriarity have also faced Moxley and Castagnoli. Can Taylor finally beat a BCC member?


AEW's relationship with CMLL continues with Titán making his debut. He will take on "Lionheart" Chris Jericho, who successfully defeated Atlantis, Jr. CMLL's Mistíco will take on Angelico.

The Patriarchy's Nick Wayne will also be in action.

Bryan Danielson vs. Shane Taylor

Tonight's commentary team is Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness.

Danielson makes his way to the ring first. Taylor is accompanied to the ring by Moriarty. Taylor puts Danielson down in the corner within seconds of the match starting. Taylor talks to Danielson about when he faced Moriarty in 2022.Taylor is put in a waist lock and pushes Danielson to the corner. Taylor continues to dominate until Danielson hits him with the hammer and anvil. Danielson kicked him in the knee. Taylor hit Danielson in the face before chopping him in the corner. He chopped Danielson into another corner and brought him to his knees.


Taylor pays with multiple kicks, but Taylor put him back in the corner and chopped him. Danielson kicked Taylor more. He placed Taylor's leg on the bottom rope and he worked the leg. Danielson moved him across the ring and wrapped his opponent's leg in the ring before doing a running kick. Taylor returned Danielson to the corner for chops. The two exchanged blows until Danielson fell out of the ring.

After the break, Taylor is still in control. Taylor did a leg drop across Danielson's neck on the apron. Taylor covered him for two. Taylor resumes yelling at him for stepping on Moriarty in 2022. Once again in the corner, Taylor held his beard for five before chopping him again. Danielson ran the ropes and kicked Taylor's knee out. Taylor went for a splash in the corner and missed. Danielson slammed his leg around the ring post three consecutive times. Taylor escaped to another corner and Danielson hit a shotgun dropkick. Danielson follows with kicks to the legs until he got Taylor to his knees. He kicked Taylor several times. Taylor tossed Danielson in the air at one. Danielson hit several running kicks in a row. Taylor hit Danielson with a lariat.


Taylor kicked Danielson on the side of the head three times. Danielson hit Taylor twice, but Taylor hit him with a splash. Taylor went for a cannonball, but Danielson rolled out of the way. Taylor caught him as he tried to connect with the Busaiku knee. Danielson took Taylor down with a Busaiku knee for the win.

Following the match, Ospreay made his way to the ring. He put over Taylor and Danielson still working at a high level. He thanked Danielson for everything he's done. He wants to know if Danielson has something to ask him since he showed up during his debut match on Wednesday. 

Danielson welcomed him to AEW and put over his match with Konosuke Takeshita. Danielson wants to give Ospreay a chance to prove how good he is and challenged him to a match at "Dynasty". Ospreay responded, "yes, Bruv." 

The new Elite debuts

Okada made his "Collision" debut with his new stablemates, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson. The Jacksons donned their new robes for their entrance. Okada had his own entrance. All three used the Codyvator. Their opponents, Jon Cruz and The Skulk, were already in the ring. Cruz started off the match against Matthew, but he quickly tagged Okada in. Okada quickly takes Cruz down.


Adrian Alanis got in a few forearms before getting hit with a missile dropkick. Okada threw Alanis into the turnbuckle.Okada hits the Ripcord Rainmaker on Liam Gray for the win.

After the match, Eddie Kingston came to the ring. He got beat down by The Elite. Penta El Zero M tried to help him, but was taken out too. As Okada held one of Kingston's titles, PAC made his long-awaited return to AEW. PAC and Okada exchanged forearms. PAC hit a German release suplex. The Bucks pulled Okada out of the ring by his legs.

Kingston challenged The Elite to match against "Big Business".

Mariah May vs. Trish Adora 

May and Adora lock up. May put Adora down on the mat, but Adora locked May between her legs. Adora got May down again. She slammed May down twice. May slapped Adora in the face followed by a head scissors. May followed with a shotgun dropkick.


After the break, Adora took May down the double axe handles. Adora followed with a senton splash for the two count. May took Adora down by the hair. May went for a running kick, but Adora suplexed her. May headbutted Adora and followed with a running knee. She hit the May Day for the win.

Following the match, Storm made her way to present the "Toni Award". The award is for outstanding achievement. The award for Best Performance of Toni Storm went to May, Her award was shoe. As Storm made her way down the ramp, she was attacked by Deonna Purrazzo. May hit Purrazzo with a DDT on the bottom of the ramp. 

Nick Wayne vs. Adam Priest

Wayne's opponent, Adam Priest, got a nice chant. Wayne quickly took him to the mat. Wayne followed with a shoulder tackle and a head scissors. Priest was taken off his feet. Priest hit Wayne with an European uppercut and a knife edge chop.


Outside the ring, Wayne hit Priest with a running boot. Priest got in a few chops. Wayne returned to the ring, but Priest was distracted by Killswitch. Wayne bumped him off the apron. Wayne followed with a fisherman's hook. Priest was forced over the rope and Wayne hit a step up enzuiguri. He followed with Wayne's World for the win.

A luchador for CMLL took Christian over the barricade. He took out Wayne and Killswitch in the audience. He ripped off his mask to reveal that he is Adam Copeland. He got in the ring and took the TNT Championship and had a box. The Patriarchy surrounded the ring. Copeland showed Cage what was in the box. It made Cage leave the ring.

"Lionheart" Chris Jericho vs. Titán


Jericho came out to his old "Lionheart" music. Titán is the current CMLL Welterweight champion.

Jericho put Titán in a sidelock and took him to the mat. Titán took Jericho down a couple times. They exchanged chops. Titán got chopped into the corner. He did a few flips and kicked Jericho. Titán went to the top rope for a double springboard into a hurricanrana. He followed that with a tope suicida.

Titán and Jericho fought outside the ring. Jericho tripped and slammed shoulder first into the steps. They made their way back to the ring. They traded blows on the ropes. Jericho hit an avalanche bulldog from the top rope.

Following the break, Titán hit Jericho with a pele kick and followed with a tope con hilo. Jericho hit Titán with a backbreaker. Jericho hit Titán with a Death Valley Driver. Titán hit Jericho with a spinning heel kick. Jericho countered with a punch. Titán hit a spinning tornado DDT.

Titán went up top and hit Jericho with a double stomp for a two count. Titán put Jericho in an indian death lock. Jericho reversed and attempted the Lion Tamer. Jericho caught Titán with the knee. Jericho misses with the Judas Effect. Titán hit a spinning Death Valley Driver. Titán followed up with strikes. Titán went back to the top rope and went for a hurricanrana, but Jericho reversed into the Lion Tamer.


After the match, Jericho was attacked by Gates of Agony. HOOK made the save.

Mistico vs. Angelico

FTR addresses the tag team tournament

The tag team tournament begins on "Collision". FTR officially entered the tournament. The Infantry made their way to the ring to say they were coming to FTR's spots.


Místico vs. Angelico

Místico is 3-0 in AEW.Angelico was accompanied by his SAP partner, Serpentico. Místico and Angelico shook hands before locking up and exchanging wrist locks. Angelico and Místico exchanged armbars. Angelico asked for a timeout after the second one. Angelico kicked Místico in the stomach. Mistico countered with a move off the top rope.

After the break, Místico hit Angelico with a tejaras. He followed with a dropkick. Místico hit a suicida on Serpentico. He drop kicked Angelico so he couldn't get in the ring. Místico did a hurricanrana over the rope on to the outside. Místico went to the top and hit a senton splash for a two count. Místico kicked Angelico in the shoulder before returning to the top rope. Angelico rolled out of the way and rolled him up for a two count.


Místico rolled up his opponent for a two count. Angelico hit him with a big ax handle. Angelico and Místico chase each other in the corners. They both went for a kick and went down. Místico hit a springboard crossbody. Místico picked up a victory with La Mística.

Atlanta Street Fight

House of Black made their way out first and surprisingly made it to the ring without getting jumped. Jarrett came out with trash cans. Briscoe was the first one in and started hitting Black with forearms. Lethal with a suicide dive on King. Lethal pulled out a table while Jarrett hit Matthews with a chair. More chairs are pulled out from under the ring. King run to hit Lethal, but was hit with a drop toe hold. Jarrett hit King in the back with a chair.


All six men fought on the outside. Lethal and Jarrett double team King, but King kicked Jarrett over the barricade. He followed with a crossbody on Lethal through a table. Matthews and Briscoe fought on the apron. King threw Briscoe off the turnbuckle over the table onto a stack of chairs.

After the break, HOB had Jarrett ready to go through a table when Matthews got lighter fluid. Before Black set the table ablaze when Sonjay Dutt hit King in the back with a guitar. Julia Hart brought a can of gasoline, which Matthews poured on Dutt. Hart taunted Dutt with a lighter. Karen low blowed Matthews. Dutt threw him off the side of the ramp. Hart hit Karen with the black mist.

Lethal and Jarrett threw King into the ring to double team again. Lethal and King fought on the apron. Lethal raked King's eyes and was going to attempt to put him through a table. King is hit with a guitar and shoved into a table. Black hit the Black Mass on Jarrett. Hart handed Black a spike and he tried to use it on Briscoe. Briscoe hit him with a J-Driller. Briscoe grabbed the spike, but Hart grabbed his leg.


Briscoe opened a chair and used it to dive on Matthews and Black. They threw him onto the apron. Hart lit the table on the fire and put Briscoe through it. Back in the ring, Black pinned him quickly because the House always wins.