WWE's John Cena Gives X-Rated Answer To Question About His Favorite Guilty Pleasure

John Cena has a squeaky clean image from his time as WWE's top guy during the company's PG era, but his favorite guilty pleasure movie is quite risque. In an interview with Unilad, the Hollywood A-lister revealed that "Behind the Green Door" is his go-to flick of this ilk, much to the surprise of his "Ricky Stanicky" co-stars.


For anyone who isn't familiar with "Behind the Green Door," it's a pornographic film from the 1970s that's regarded as one of the genre's true classics. It tells the story of a woman who gets abducted and ends up engaging in sex on a stage for a masked audience, culminating in a group scenario that's not safe for work. The movie has been praised for its artistic sensibilities as well, so know that it isn't entirely salacious.

While Cena cited this as his guilty pleasure, he doesn't think the term carries any weight. The WWE legend claimed he doesn't feel guilty about enjoying anything he likes, which explains why he was open to speaking about adult entertainment in a public interview. Furthermore, the 46-year-old started an Onlyfans earlier this year, albeit as his "Ricky Stanicky" character to promote the movie. That said, it's clear that Cena isn't a prude when it comes to his choice of entertainment.


Cena previously shared some information about his WWE retirement plans, noting that it will happen sooner than later. However, it remains to be seen when he will return to the squared circle, as he is currently focused on his acting career.