Jay Lethal Wrestles AEW Collision Match Wearing Armband Honoring His Late Mother

Sadly, 23-year pro wrestling veteran Jay Lethal is currently mourning the recent passing of his mother, Shirley Shipman, who passed away on the 29th of February as confirmed by PWInsider. In typical wrestling tradition, as was last seen in the wake of Jay Briscoe's passing, Lethal wore an armband in her memory during his "AEW Collision" match that aired last night.


Lethal's parents have both been very involved in his wrestling career since he was signed to Jersey All-Pro Wrestling (JAPW), as they would often cheer him on from the audience, this naturally carried on into Ring of Honor. Notably, Shipman would often get involved on-screen with certain angles that involved Lethal.

Ron Shipman, Lethal's father, also got involved on occasion, and during a segment in JAPW, Lethal and his father faced an imminent beatdown at the hands of four heels. Shirley Shipman then evened the odds when she brought out Charlie Haas to help her husband and father in the ring. His parents were again later heavily involved in Lethal's ROH feud with Low Ki, who harrassed the two over the course of the match.


Most notably, in 2012, Lethal faced off against Kevin Steen (Owens in WWE) for the ROH World Championship, and the Shipmans were seated in the front row. Steen repeatedly antagonized the Shipmans, even biting Lethal in front of them. At one point, Ron threw his drink at Steen, who responded by spitting at Shirley. This quickly led to Lethal going berserk on Steenm ending the match off in a no-contest.

A memorial for Shirley Shipman will be held this coming Tuesday. Information about the memorial can be found via Nesbitt Funerals, and condolences can also be sent via the same webpage. Wrestling Inc. sends condolences to Jay Lethal and the friends and family of Shirley Shipman.