Trish Stratus Looks Back On Recent WWE Return

WWE Legend Trish Stratus recently spoke to "Gorilla Position" about her recent return to WWE, revealing that she wanted to freshen up her character.

"I wanted to go back as a heel. I had gone back a number of times; I had done the babyface thing. It was a special part of my career being a heel," the WWE Hall of Famer said. The seven-time WWE Women's Champion recalled how happy she was to work with "The Man" Becky Lynch. Despite feuding with the Irish star, Stratus also revealed that she's excited to see Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch collide at WWE WrestleMania 40.


Stratus was then asked what differences she noticed in her recent return to the company compared to the past. "Same s***, different place. It was fun because this time same sort of stuff, same dynamic, sort of same way of approaching business, but yet with a different crop of people, so different talent to mix it up with and different writers to work with as well," she said.

Stratus said that she felt lucky to work with the modern roster, praising their talent and saying that both she and the fans had fun with the return,  "I got to go back and work with Iyo Sky, and Bayley, and Becky, and Dakota [Kai], just wow. Raquel [Rodriquez], and Liv [Morgan]. Who would've thought that I'd ever go back, and especially watching them all starting to come up and gain traction, who would've thought that I'd go back and actually get to mix it up with them?"


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Gorilla Position" with a h/t to Wrestle Inc. for the transcription.