Eric Bischoff Reacts To Changes To AEW Dynamite

AEW has undergone another visual revamp, with this week's "AEW Dynamite" leading the charge by revealing multiple new titantrons and a new layout. Following the episode, Eric Bischoff commented on the changes in a recent episode of "Strictly Business," and whether they will affect the product.


"I really like the changes. I like the set. I like the colors," Bischoff claimed. He then followed by explaining how gritty AEW's presentation is and that this was something he's always enjoyed. "I like wrestling, especially live wrestling, to feel like it's live and anything can happen."

Bischoff pointed out how WWE often feels overproduced, often to its own detriment.

"Sometimes in WWE it's so well produced that one forgets that you're watching a live performance and you're watching Disney on Ice instead of wrestling," Bischoff explained. "So, I like the grittier, kind of anything can happen, overall presentation of Dynamite."

However, Bischoff's criticism was then directed at the roster, who he feels all look uniform and specifically criticized Kyle O'Reilly's return


"[O'Reilly] looked like s**t," Bischoff stated plainly. "[He] looked like somebody who could barely afford a ticket and just crawled into the ring. When you've got just about everybody dressed in a similar tone and fashion, it's like you're watching an Independent Wrestling show. I think the colors and the set design make up for some of that."

Despite this, Bischoff seemed to like the new look "Dynamite" but still takes issue with the performers. 

"I like the Dynamite banner. I liked a lot of the camera work," Bischoff said. "Somebody's got to tell the referee's to stay the f**k out of the shot."

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