Unnamed WWE Corporate Officers In Janel Grant's Vince McMahon Lawsuit Identified

More names have been revealed as part of the ongoing sex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis WWE, and unnamed corporate officers. 

A new report from Tim Marchman, John Pollock, and Brandon Thurston for Front Office Sports has named President Nick Khan and COO Brad Blum as those identified as Corporate Officers No.1 and No. 2 in the suit filed by Janel Grant in January


Before their naming in the report, Khan and Blum were alleged to have been instrumental to a scheme in which Grant had been employed in a completely undefined role, except for the understanding that she would remain a sexual slave to be used and trafficked by McMahon within WWE. Khan and Blum are not personally accused of sexual wrongdoing but they are rather part of a group that is claimed to have facilitated and covered up exploitation in a way that would make WWE liable under federal anti-trafficking law. 

Front Office Sports' report notes that Blum and Khan were identified independently alongside the two other anonymous corporate officers described in the suit by cross-referencing details within the filing with other records like online resumes and corporate filings. A WWE source also reportedly confirmed details within the suit, such as the location of Khan's office. All names were confirmed with Janel Grant's attorney, Ann Callis. 


According to the suit, McMahon presented Blum and Khan to Grant as his key fixers. Nick Khan is the current WWE President under TKO's hierarchy following the merger with UFC last year and has been instrumental in the business growth behind the company in recent years. 

Corporate Officers No.3 and No.4 named to be Stephanie McMahon and Brian Nurse

The report continues to name Stephanie McMahon as Corporate Officer No.3 within the filing, who is mentioned once in an ambiguous context. It's told how Grant had attended meetings with WWE's executive committee, which was noted to be above her pay grade and something she had even inquired to Khan and Blum about regarding appropriateness. The suit alleged Stephanie McMahon had motioned for Grant to sit near her in these meetings. Ms. McMahon is also described as knowing of "other instances of [Vince] McMahon engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct".


Stephanie McMahon notably took a leave of absence in 2022 – three months after Vince McMahon and Janel Grant signed their $3 million NDA – from her role as Chief Brand Officer. A month later, reports emerged on a probe by the WWE board of directors into unauthorized payments involving NDAs with several former female employees and performers made by Vince McMahon, after which he resigned from his roles as CEO and Chairman and Stephanie McMahon became interim CEO and Chair. When Vince McMahon forced his way back onto the board in early 2023, Stephanie McMahon resigned from her role as Co-CEO – held alongside Nick Khan – and has not returned.

Front Office Sports further identified Brian Nurse – former general counsel and head of WWE's legal department – as Corporate Officer No.4. Nurse is described in the suit as offering the legal role to Janel Grant at the behest of Vince McMahon, a revelation allegedly made by McMahon to Ms. Grant before he sexually assaulted her for the first time. Nurse is claimed to have been terminated or asked to resign as one of a number of employees forced to resign or let go if they knew of McMahon's exploits and failed to assist, support, or facilitate them.