WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff Describes Vince McMahon As A 'Complicated Guy'

Even before the allegations he currently faces were made public, many fans were divided when it came to Vince McMahon, often criticizing him online. On "83 Weeks," Eric Bischoff looked at the legacy McMahon will leave behind, and tried to make sense of the person he spent years working for. Bischoff interestingly pointed out how both he and Paul Heyman will be in the WWE Hall of Fame without McMahon.


"That was his life, man ... From the time he was a kid, his dad was running the business, Vince was learning the ropes, it's been his life ... to be persona non grata at this point?" Following this, Bischoff noted how complex McMahon is, and tried to make sense of his character. "There's so many aspects of Vince McMahon's personality that are conflicting. Vince McMahon has done some pretty big things for people that others don't even know about. There are parts of Vince McMahon that are gracious and generous and kind, and every once in a while you get a glimpse into an aspect of Vince's personality and go 'Wow, this guy really does have a heart.'"

Additionally, he recalled once hearing McMahon on the phone with his mother, and noted how he was a "wonderful son." Despite this, Bischoff also mentioned how cutthroat McMahon was as a businessman. "He was a killer when it came to business. He was like Genghis f**king Khan when it came to business. Very complicated guy." Lastly, he briefly expressed concern about the relationship between McMahon and his family, and wondered if there will be room for them to reconcile.


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