WWE Star Jey Uso Details His Hopes For WrestleMania 40

For the third time in WrestleMania history, biological brothers look poised to face off against one another with "Main Event" Jey Uso taking on his brother Jimmy Uso. It is apropos that this clash of siblings takes place in the "City of Brotherly Love," Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before making his challenge to Jimmy on "WWE Raw," Jey joined "Battleground Podcast" to discuss the upcoming 40th edition of WWE's biggest event.


"Me personally, I'm a little kid all over again. Hopefully it's me and Jimmy at WrestleMania but if it is, man, I'm a little kid, uce, and it's gonna be so easy. We're just gonna do what we do all the time," Jey excitingly said. The younger of the twin brothers said he is most excited about the lead-up, specifically the promos that would showcase genuine emotion. 

Jey teased that this rivalry could be more intense than what has already transpired with the The Bloodline. "You thought you had emotion in The Bloodline storyline, me-Roman, me-Sami [Zayn]. Man, watch me and my twin go at it. Y'all gonna be like: they are 100% real. And that's what's gonna make it fire because it's gonna be real, uce," the two-time Slammy Award winner proclaimed. Ultimately, Jey  said that the energy from this match-up would be unique, and energize the crowd in a way that is different from other stories and angles. "You're gonna be like, 'oh I wanna see this match!'"


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