Matt Hardy Shares Throwback Pic With Late WWE Star Bray Wyatt After Tag Title Win

Bray Wyatt's sudden passing last year sent shockwaves through the wrestling industry, but notably showed just how big of an impact he had and the legacy he left behind. Matt Hardy was one of Wyatt's many tag-team partners, and recently took to social media to share a throwback to an iconic moment they shared. Together, Wyatt and Hardy were known as the "Deleters of Worlds" — a play on monikers both men had at the time. Employing a mixture of supernatural elements and comedy, the duo found a considerable amount of success in WWE and even captured the "WWE Raw" Tag Team Championship on one occasion. This historic moment was what Hardy took to social media to share. "#WBW 2018 A rare pic of The Deleters of Worlds after we won the WWE RAW Tag Titles in Saudi Arabia."


Interestingly, during an episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" last year, Hardy revealed there was a pitch by WWE to sign both he and Jeff Hardy onto a new deal that would have had them forming a faction with Wyatt — as he ushered in his "Fiend" gimmick. According to Hardy, WWE Creative wanted him to reuse his Broken gimmick while Jeff would portray his TNA gimmick, Willow the Wisp. 

However, while the deal seemed appealing, he realized it was simply a ploy to get him to stay, so he decided to try something new with AEW instead. Considering that The Fiend is one of Wyatt's most praised gimmicks, it would have been interesting to see The Hardys team up with him. Unfortunately, that faction will now never happen.