Matt Hardy Details Scrapped Plans For WWE Faction Involving Bray Wyatt

In 2020, Bray Wyatt and The Hardys were close to forming a faction in WWE, according to Matt Hardy. On the latest "Extreme Life with Matt Hardy," Hardy revealed that Vince McMahon wanted the trio to form a stable soon after he suffered a vicious beatdown at the hands of Randy Orton, which took place during the height of "The Viper's" rivalry with Edge.

Hardy disclosed the pitch was WWE's ploy to re-sign him to a lengthier contract, at a time when he returned to WWE to fulfill a few dates. "They said, 'If you do come back, we've got Windham doing this Firefly Fun House where he's a comical character, and then he turns to The Fiend. What if we did something where we put you with him, with your Broken gimmick, and with Jeff, we can have him do Willow the Wisp, and you guys can be a little faction.' 

"And that was very appealing," Hardy continued. "But it's just one of those things where it was like, 'We're only gonna go that direction if you re-sign.' And it kinda got to the point where [I] thought they were using this as a hook, and I knew how Vince sees me already ... so I decided to try something else and join AEW."

The Hardy-Wyatt partnership first formed in 2018 when they went from rivals to tag team partners. Thereafter, they went on to win a tournament to capture the vacant "Raw" Tag Team Championship, but their union ended later that summer when Hardy took time off to deal with a pelvis injury. Over the next few years, Hardy made only sporadic appearances on WWE television before departing for AEW.