Former WWE Star Michelle McCool Talks About Current Era Of Women's Wrestling

The women's division in WWE has evolved drastically since Michelle McCool's time in the industry, and she admitted that the comparison is "night and day." "I wished we had those opportunities when I was there," she said on "Six Feet Under." "We had some good talent, I had some great matches with several different girls. There are some girls today that I would kill to be in the ring with obviously."


McCool admitted she'd have killed to get a 10-minute match, much less the 30 minutes that women sometimes get today, and she does feel like she could hang with the current crop of wrestlers. She named the likes of Bianca Belair and Naomi as people she enjoys watching, while making it clear she would be open for a return if it meant wrestling against Charlotte Flair.

"I love watching Bianca, her strength is unmatched," McCool said. "People try to give these past girls all this credit, and there were a lot of strong girls. I was never the one that was getting lifted and tossed around, and one match with her I got lifted and tossed around real easy." McCool also put over Flair for her athleticism while adding that she believes Nia Jax has been underestimated for quite some time. Meanwhile, there was one other woman that McCool singled out for their work, making it clear she's a fan. "You know who I'd love to work with? Bayley. I'm glad they gave that to her, there's nobody more deserving," she said of Bayley's Royal Rumble win.


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