Why AEW Star Will Ospreay Thinks Wrestlers Could Benefit From Working In Japan

British-born wrestler Will Ospreay began working for NJPW in 2016 at age 22. "The Aerial Assasin" spent several years performing for the Japanese promotion, before signing an exclusive deal with AEW in November 2023. During his run with NJPW, Ospreay captured various titles, including the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. On "Talk Is Jericho," Ospreay said that many wrestlers could benefit from working in Japan.


"It would be so good if certain guys from AEW weren't on a week-to-week [so they can] just go over and be a part of a team and learn how to be a part of ... whatever the booker says goes," Ospreay said. "Just being a part of that. I loved it, man. I can't sit here and floor it. Are there certain things that I didn't like about it? Yeah. But all in all, altogether, I couldn't ask for being accepted by the fanbase, being accepted by the roster. They literally took me as a young man that didn't know anything and then developed me into a man."

Earlier in the interview, Ospreay mentioned that his initial run in Japan was only supposed to be a one-time opportunity, but he ended up signing a deal to return during that stint. After initially feeling overwhelmed, Ospreay gradually found his footing in the country. He admitted to making various mistakes, but he couldn't have wished for a better place to develop as a human being and learn a lot more about himself.


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