AEW's Dustin Rhodes Addresses The Idea That He's 'Underrated'

The word "underrated" gets thrown around a lot in wrestling, with many people not understanding what it means. The definition of the word is something, or someone, that is good, but not rated or valued as highly as they should be. With that in mind, it's understandable why so many fans think AEW star Dustin Rhodes has been seen as "underrated" throughout his career. He has won championships all over the world, has evolved as a performer across the 36 years he's been active, and is still capable of wrestling some of the biggest stars in the business this late into his career.


However, the man himself doesn't think he's underrated. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Rhodes believes there is a big difference between being underrated and underappreciated. He wrote: A lot of people say I'm underrated ... I disagree. I am however, underappreciated. Look, my body of work is fantastic and I will never b***h about anything that I have or have not accomplished. Great career, great worker, great entertainer ... end of story. I love my fans as they have been beside me since day one. Try not to look at the past or the future, try and live in the moment and appreciate all that you have. I am rich with passion. Love y'all."


In AEW alone, Rhodes has challenged for the TNT, International, and Tag Team Championships across his five years with the company, as well as the ROH World Championship in 2022. His most recent title match came on the January 17 edition of "Dynamite," where he was unsuccessful in dethroning Christian Cage, in a match that many fans thought he was unlucky to lose.