Booker T Assesses Impact Of AEW's Recent Signings

Over the last several weeks, AEW has brought on three significant signings: Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, and Mercedes Mone. It's undeniably a time of upheaval for the promotion, and speaking on "The Hall of Fame," WWE's Booker T offered his opinion on the big roster moves.


"It's definitely a gamble with Tony Khan," Booker said. "He's spending a lot of money and he's really trying to make that thing work. It is a gamble whether it's going to pay off or not, but the thing is I think Tony Khan has enough money in his treasure chest to play this thing out as long as he wants it to play out."

Booker stated that these big-money payouts are great news for wrestlers, as it raises their own potential value. However, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer isn't sure the recent signings are going to raise AEW's bottom line.

"He's catering to an AEW audience," Booker continued. "He's catering to that [700,000] to a million fans that they have right now. He's not catering to anything outside of that box. Bringing Will Ospreay in, bringing Okada in to wrestle, when you could bring anybody in to wrestle, is not going to move the needle as far as fans go."


The retired performer then pointed out that WWE is very hot right now, stating that he was unable to get extra tickets to a recent show in Dallas for his sister and the youth group she runs because the show was sold out. With how well WWE is performing, Booker said he feels AEW needs to focus more on characters and moments as opposed to wrestling.

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