Booker T Discusses DSOTR Episode On Former WCW Star Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell had a successful career in WCW, and mainly captured gold in the tag team division before joining the NWO. Much like many other WCW stars, he ended up jumping to WWE after the promotion was acquired, where he faced Booker T in one "WWE Raw" main event before being fired. On "The Hall of Fame," Booker commented on the recent "Dark Side of the Ring" episode centered around Bagwell.


According to Booker, the episode was very interesting and he recommends watching it. "Brother had a very, very interesting life. But it's just a very, very interesting story. Stuff I never knew about! If you get a chance, check it out." Booker then looked back at his own history with Bagwell, and how happy he is to see him doing better today. "Me and Buff Bagwell? We go back a long, long time. We had some of the greatest times in the ring at WCW. I didn't enjoy working with too many people like I loved working with Marcus Bagwell. I'm just happy to see Buff Bagwell still here and doing well. Give Dallas Page big ups, man."

Following this, he looked back at "Diamond" Dallas Page's days in the industry, and noted that he tried helping others back then too. "I'm not surprised Dallas turned out to be the guy he is today. (...) I give Dallas Page so much credit, but I give the guys a lot of credit too, that program is not easy. Dallas gave me the DVD set and I did it one time! You got to be 100 percent dedicated."


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