Tommy Dreamer Discusses How AEW Should Use Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone has been the talk of the wrestling world since making her highly-anticipated AEW debut at "AEW Dynamite: Big Business." In a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer gave his take on how the promotion should book Mone now that she's been signed, opining that Mone might be better utilized as a special attraction and noted how things used to be that way in the industry.


"How many times did you see Hulk Hogan on'Superstars?'" Dreamer asked hypothetically. "He would come out and cut a promo. That's it, and then he'd leave. Then came the Attitude Era, where you had someone like Steve Austin –- you will see Steve Austin six or seven times on a show and the fans couldn't get enough of him."

Dreamer then pointed to Roman Reigns, with whom WWE has been very conservative in their booking.

"Everybody talks about Roman Reigns, the streak, the record," Dreamer said. "We're all still going to a sold-out show to see what? Roman Reigns. It has made him special. You don't want to be the workhorse of that division, you want to be special."

Finally, Dreamer considered how Mone would have to earn her stripes, and noted that he'd rather have her face off against Riho than go after the TBS Championship, particularly given the potential arrival of joshi wrestlers from STARDOM.


"She's upping to be the face of that women's division," he said. "I feel the main money will be with her and Toni Storm, but you can't get there right away."

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