WWE Hall Of Famer X-Pac Describes Consequences Of A Botched Bronco Buster

WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac is known for many things in and outside of the ring, but his unique signature move, The Bronco Buster, wasn't just showy — it could have legitimate consequences. In a recent interview with SoCalVal, X-Pac explained what happened when he missed the landing on the move.


"I missed the Bronco Buster and I tore my a****** and had to have it repaired," he said. "One of the crazy parts about it is it happened to me one time before that and I just assumed it would never happen again. What's the chances, right?"

X-Pac went on to recall some more details about the first time he suffered such an injury, and how he had to gut through it in a big spot.

"The time that it happened before that, no surgery, just 13 stitches," he said. "So I had these stitches and I'm wearing a diaper, and I'm having the NWA world title match with Adam Pearce, and I made it through. You really wouldn't have known I was wrestling with stitches in my booty."

X-Pac then joked that he still has one stitch they couldn't get out, but claimed that he can't recall the healing process. He also briefly mentioned some of the other injuries he suffered over the course of his career.


"A broken neck twice, I had a fusion," he said. "Bunch of concussions. Blown ACL. Torn pec. Both biceps were torn ... Right now, I only have half a pectoral on this side."

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