Former WCW And WWE Star Psicosis Recovering From Major Injury

Pro wrestling veteran Psicosis — who is best known for his tenure in WCW and his brief time in WWE as a member of The Mexicools — suffered a severe injury recently and has undergone what has been described as life-saving surgery. PWInsider confirmed the news.


The report states that Psicosis fell during a match on February 15 but was unaware of how badly he was hurt. A few days later, another luchador convinced him to visit the hospital, where he learned that his right hip was broken after X-rays and an MRI scan. Psicosis was then taken in for observation and emergency surgery. The surgery was successful, and Psicosis is currently at home trying to recover. 

The former WCW star is currently bedridden and will not be able to stand up, let alone walk, for many weeks. Psicosis has also revealed that he is in severe pain and unable to sleep at night. Masked Republic has since launched a GoFundMe to raise money to help pay for the WCW veteran's substantial medical bills.


While his WWE run has largely been panned in hindsight, primarily due to the Mexicool gimmick and the fact that all members of the faction were released, Psicosis' feud with Rey Mysterio in WCW is often credited as one of the best storylines in the promotion. Mysterio also notably came back from an injury recently and made his return during this week's "SmackDown."