Vince Russo On WWE Star Cody And Brandi Rhodes: 'Most Unlikeable People On The Planet'

Today, Cody Rhodes is a beloved star who is favored by many fans as the one to dethrone Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. However, in his last run with AEW, the fans seemingly hated him and his wife, Brandi Rhodes, and some people haven't warmed to them since. While speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Vince Russo said the "Rhodes to the Top" reality show proved how unlikable the couple is.


"Bro, him and his wife are the two most unlikable people on the planet. If anybody saw that show, you hated those two individuals, and Cody was a babyface at the time in AEW." Host Dave LaGreca argued that Rhodes has a connection with the audience, which Russo disagreed with. "He has a connection with the marks, the marks, not the audience."

LaGreca believes Rhodes has brought children back into the WWE audience, and Russo has a theory as to why. "Okay, do you know why that is with children? Because what do they have in common? Children cry all the time. So, when Cody cries every week during his promo, the kids relate to that. 'He's crying like I cry when you don't let me have a cookie.' So they relate to the crying."


Rhodes received a lot of hate in his final run with AEW, with many questioning why he didn't simply turn heel. However, Rhodes has since addressed being booed in AEW, claiming he was actually a heel at the time.

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