Cody Rhodes Addresses Being Booed By AEW Fans

Earlier this year, "The American Nightmare," Cody Rhodes, made his surprise return to the WWE. The return saw Rhodes come back to the company after six years of making his name known in the independent scene and in Japan. He also co-founded All Elite Wrestling along with Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and Tony Khan. Rhodes had a successful run in AEW, winning the company's TNT Championship three separate times. 

Toward the end of his AEW run, fans began booing the former TNT Champion more and more every week. Recently, "The American Nightmare" took to Twitter and commented on the criticism he received, revealing that the "fans were amazing." Interestingly, Rhodes also confirmed he was indeed playing the role of a "heel" at the time, which may come as a surprise to some fans as he never fully transitioned into his bad guy role. Furthermore, while Rhodes had matches against babyfaces like Sammy Guevara, he primarily feuded with heels such as The Factory and Malakai Black.

Once Rhodes returned to WWE, however, he seemed to regain all his lost glamor. He came back to a roar of cheers at WrestleMania 38, only for those cheers to still be deafening two nights later on "Raw." Unfortunately, though, "The American Nightmare" has been out of action for months after suffering a torn pectoral muscle in June. He hasn't been seen on TV since then, though he did compete in a Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins before taking time off.