Jim Ross Comments On Thunderbolt Patterson Being Inducted Into WWE's Hall Of Fame

WWE recently announced that this year's Hall of Fame ceremony will see the induction of former NWA National Tag Team Champion Thunderbolt Patterson. Patterson, still alive at the age of 82, will be on hand to accept the induction. On the latest "Grillin' JR," WWE Hall of Famer and AEW broadcaster Jim Ross congratulated the former Brass Knuckles Champion on his induction.


"[Thunderbolt Patterson] deserves it," Ross said. "The things he went through to achieve stardom [and] earn a living in a very racist-oriented business, which pro wrestling was at times, especially then ... I remember Cowboy [Bill Watts] talking to someone about a black athlete ... trying to get a guy booked ,and the answer was 'We already have one.'"

Ross bemoaned the overt racism of the territory days, noting that caucasian promoters simply couldn't see past their own bigotry, which made the road to stardom for wrestlers like Patterson that much more difficult.

"Thunderbolt went through a lot of hell," JR said, crediting Patterson's strength and fortitude for pushing him through the struggles. "Thunderbolt did a lot, paving the way for other subsequent black athletes."


Ross isn't the only WWE Hall of Famer who thinks that Patterson is overdue for his induction, as two-time Hall of Famer Booker T also said how happy he was that Patterson was still alive to receive the honor. Like Ross, he also credited Patterson for making a path for Black wrestlers like Booker. The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on April 5 after "WWE SmackDown" in Philadelphia, PA.