WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi Recalls Favorite Match, Which Was Against A Family Member

WWE legend Rikishi has revealed that his favorite match in his long wrestling career was against his cousin, the late, great Yokozuna.

In his recent appearance on Monopoly Events' For The Love of Wrestling convention, fans probed the legendary Anoaʻi family member about his wrestling career, with one fan asking him about his favorite match of all time. He revealed that his match against his cousin, the late Yokozuna is his favorite, as the two played practical jokes on each other in the ring.


"That's very hard to answer, but I'd have to say with Yokozuna. I'll tell you why ... because there's nothing like getting into the ring with your family members, and to be able to pull pranks on them," said the legendary star. "And so, when I was The Sultan, that mask I used to wear was made out of leather. So, whenever I would say something, you could never see me laughing or talking up underneath there." 

Rikishi said that when Yokozuna hit him on the side of the ears, he would intentionally not acknowledge the strike to frustrate the big man. Another joke between them was when Rikishi dodged Yokozuna's leg drop and then started laughing underneath his mask which infuriated his opponent. "When he finally did get me, the big man at 700-something pounds, boy he'd give me that splash in the corner, I wasn't going nowhere," Rikishi said smiling while recalling this memory. 


The one occasion Yokozuna and Rikishi — then known as The Sultan — faced each other in a singles match came at WWE's Sun City SuperBowl show in South Africa in 1996, where the former won the match against his cousin.

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