Elias Recalls Classic Moment He Had With Kevin Owens In WWE

Speaking with Jamal Niaz at the For The Love of Wrestling convention, Elijah (formerly Elias in WWE) recounted a classic moment on "WWE Raw" in late September 2018 in Seattle that went viral at the time. Elias and Kevin Owens were in the ring together, when "The Drifter" insulted the Seattle fans. Drawing his guitar, Elias began by poking fun at Seattle for no longer having an NBA team – the Supersonics relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008. This enraged the fans who had a vocal response to say the least. 


"Seattle, obviously it stands out, they booed forever, and loud and violently," Elijah chuckled. "But that had been building for months and months and months as like: the crowds are getting louder, the crowds and getting more and more, and now they know what I do; I pull them in and then I slag 'em off." The former WWE 24/7 Champion had a knack for getting under people's skin while touring, finding a deep nerve to strike wherever he went. 

"Seattle was like this culmination of: wow, we know it's coming and when he hits us, we're gonna give it to him," Elijah said. "It was a really memorable moment, of course it went viral, people bring it up all the time, but yeah that was just one night in a slew of tons and tons of nights of doing that. It was really fun."


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