Eric Bischoff Discusses Diamond Dallas Page's Development, Impact On WCW

Despite making his in-ring debut at 35, "Diamond" Dallas Page ultimately had a successful career, and at the height of his fame captured gold and became a main event star, eventually leading to a WWE Hall of Fame induction. On "Busted Open Radio," Eric Bischoff discussed Page's development as a wrestler, and whether their friendship affected anything.


Page and Bischoff were friends before DDP became a wrestler, but according to Bischoff nobody publicly had any issues with this. "Once Page started really doing the work and putting in the time and improving so much, people couldn't deny it. It wasn't about whether he was my neighbor or my close friend or not, it was about what people were seeing in the ring." Despite this, Bischoff noted there were unhappy rumblings about Page, but claimed that being friends with him worked against Page instead. "He will tell you; I was really hard on him. It was harder for him to get an opportunity in WCW because he was friends with me than he would have been if he didn't have a relationship with me and he wasn't my neighbor."


Bischoff also recalled whether Page had any mentors getting into wrestling, and explained that nobody inspired the veteran to become the man he is today. "I don't think Page ever — I don't think he was mentored by anybody outside of professional wrestling that helped give him his perspective or desire to help people. That was Page, that was part of his DNA, he was like that even in WCW to the point where he would drive me crazy."

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