Booker T Recalls Favorite Match In WWE

Booker T's 37-year in-ring career put him up against some of the best wrestlers in the industry, and resulted in many fan-favorite feuds across WCW, WWE, and TNA. On his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker named the WWE match he still fondly recalls and talks about to this day.


In response to a fan question, Booker named his 2006 clash with Rey Mysterio as his favorite. "For me, it would probably be Rey Mysterio, winning the world championship as King Booker. I have had a lot of matches in WWE, but that's the one match to me that stands out in my mind more than any other, man." According to Booker, the credit was all due to Mysterio, who he described as being "flawless" in the ring that night. "Because Rey was flawless that night, man. Just watching him do his stuff. I was in awe and I was in the ring with him, I was working with him!"

Booker explained that he often uses the match when doing "film study" with his students because of how good the bout was, and also recalled the memorable finishing sequence. "I always get my students — when we're doing film study — I always use that match for film study just because the match was flawless. So, I will say myself against Rey Mysterio. Great finish when Chavo came in, chair shot, boom, crazy."


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