Jim Ross Opens Up On If Owen Hart Will Ever Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Owen Hart is worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame induction. That has never been in question. Unfortunately, ongoing tensions between Owen's widow, Dr. Martha Hart, and the WWE, specifically with its former chairman Vince McMahon, are often seen as the lone barrier to Owen's induction. But now that Vince McMahon has been separated from his empire, could we see the relationship between WWE and Dr. Hart repaired? On a recent episode of "Grilling JR", the former WWE Head of Talent relations talked about the likelihood of Owen Hart finally getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:


"I bet she could [give permission]. Maybe the bigger question is, will she?" JR said. "I could see it being worked out a lot easier now that McMahon is out of the picture... If Martha likes it and feels good about the comfort zone, then why not?"

Martha's grievances have not extended to pro wrestling as a whole. In recent years, she's allowed Owen's likeness to be used on AEW programming, namely the Owen Hart Cup Tournament and his inclusion as a playable character in the AEW "Fight Forever" video game. As a current employee of AEW, JR believes Martha's attitude toward the wrestling industry has tempered somewhat.

"She's such a pleasure to work with. She's not angry at pro wrestling anymore," JR said. "She's heartbroken that things happened to Owen like they did, as we all would be... [but] I'd say the odds of Owen being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame have increased immensely since Vince resigned his post."


Since Triple H has assumed more power behind-the-scenes, he's been seen as something of a peacemaker. CM Punk immediately comes to mind, but it goes as far back as 2013 when Triple H helped soften tensions with Bruno Sammartino, ultimately leading to his Hall of Fame induction. Given Triple H's track record, burying the hatchet with Martha Hart doesn't seem as far fetched as it once did.