Why The Undertaker Says WWE Dream Match With Sting Wouldn't Have Lived Up To The Hype

Many popular dream matches have never taken place over the years in professional wrestling, for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest that fans wanted was The Undertaker battling Sting. It's an encounter that has been spoken about for years, and when Sting finally joined WWE there was the opportunity to make it happen, but WWE never pulled the trigger, and Undertaker himself believes that despite the hype it might not have reached the levels people wanted.


"The match would've been good, but I don't think it would have lived up to the expectations that people had for it," he said on "Six Feet Under." "People always think about things in a certain sense, they thought in their mind of Undertaker 2007/2008 vs. Sting, but it was later on than that." Of course, when fans think about dream matches they imagine them being great, because people picture those involved delivering high-quality performances. Both men went on to compete for many years after Sting's spell with WWE, but both were certainly winding down when it came to their in-ring work as father time was catching up with them, which is why Undertaker doesn't think the match would've been at the level people wanted.


"I can say I was way on the backside of what I was going to do when he got there," Undertaker admitted. While WWE never booked the encounter when Sting was officially under contract, the company did try to make it happen at WrestleMania 27, but "The Icon" himself turned down the opportunity.

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