LA Knight Opens Up About High Profile Match With AJ Styles At WWE WrestleMania 40

LA Knight has been in a heated back-and-forth with AJ Styles since his return in December 2023, and now the two will settle things during WWE WrestleMania 40. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," Knight commented on his feud with Styles and what it means for his career.


When it came to his feelings about the feud, Knight had nothing but positive things to say. "In a certain way, appreciative. In a certain way also, feeling vindicated, and in a certain way feeling like it's long overdue. In this regard at the same time, I also have to consider that it's the exact right time." However, addressing fan assertions that the feud should include a championship, Knight stressed that he's happy to be where he is. "Look, a lot of people are like 'It should be for a championship' and should be this and should be that, but man, it is what it is. Now, you're talking about a hell of a spot to be in, and I'm not crying."

Knight still has no misconceptions about his success, and took a realistic approach in terms of the popularity he currently holds. "I think about a year from now and who knows what that holds? Who knows? I could flatline and just everything dies and I just am in the exact same spot or it could just shoot to the moon again. All I can do is not focus on that, not worry about that. You want to stay hot, you want to stay fresh, but you don't want to be trying too hard."


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