Bully Ray Assesses Kazuchika Okada's Match With Eddie Kingston On AEW Dynamite

Upon his official AEW debut, Kazuchika Okada circled AEW Continental Champion Eddie Kingston as his first target, blindsiding with him an unexpected attack. Okada's wave of momentum has since continued as he pinned Kingston in a trios match, and most recently, a match for the AEW Continental Championship on "AEW Dynamite." On an episode of "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray provided his assessment of the title match between Okada and Kingston, which, of course, resulted in a massive victory for Okada, the newly-minted AEW Continental Champion.


"Looks like the people are cheering Okada ... They were chanting for Okada first in the match. The very first chant you got in the match was 'Okada! Okada! Okada!' Then the next chant you got was, 'Let's go, Eddie,' and then there was another 'Okada' chant. Okada is a star, and he's a babyface and he's driving a nice ass Ferrari. He looks good in a suit, and he's got a cool finish with a cool name," Ray said. "He didn't reinvent the wheel with a clothesline, but who gives a s***? It works. It works so good that it only took one Rainmaker to defeat Eddie Kingston. Now, when I saw that one Rainmaker, at first I was like, 'Eh.' It came out of nowhere and it seemed kind of flat. But then I was like, 'No, I like it,' because the finish should come out of nowhere sometimes. You don't need it to be built up to. It doesn't have to be a crescendo all the time."


While Ray isn't fully convinced that Kingston was the correct opponent for Okada to put away with one Rainmaker, he does believe it upholds the legitimacy of the move as a finisher, which, in turn, keeps Okada looking strong as well. With the AEW Continental Championship now strapped around Okada's waist, Kingston's run as Triple Crown Champion officially comes to an end at 81 days.

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