WWE Star Becky Lynch Opens Up About Writing Her Memoir, The Man

Becky Lynch is a WWE Superstar, a mother, and a soon-to-be published author. Lynch's memoir "The Man" is set for release on March 26, and in a new interview with "Busted Open Radio," the number one contender to the WWE Women's World Championship has revealed that she had the book in the back of her head for some time now. She has stated that the book has been as much a part of her plan as wrestling for WWE or main eventing WrestleMania.


"My dad, when I was younger, was always telling me to write everything down," Lynch recalled. "And when I rekindled my love for wrestling as a teenager, Mick Foley was my guy ... I could see myself in Mick, the person who wasn't the athlete but had that fight in 'em, and when he wrote a book, I thought 'Oh, I'll write a book.'"

Lynch chuckled that her father always encouraged her writing, possibly out of a desire for her to become a writer solely. According to her, the book isn't just about documentation or reminiscing on past adventures. She stressed that it will be more than just wrestling, and about how she kept her motivation throughout her journey in WWE.

"You're gonna have the people that are telling you that you're not good enough, and what I've found more than anything is my own voice in my head [expressing self-doubt]," Lynch admitted, noting that she strikes a balance between her father's idealism and her mother's staunch, hard-headed realism. "That Irish Mami work ethic and my dad's whimsical spirit allowed me to have this wacky dream, but work really hard for it."