Bully Ray Weighs In On Adam Copeland Vs. Christian Cage On AEW Dynamite

This past Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite," Adam Copeland defeated Christian Cage in an "I Quit" match to become TNT Champion. On "Busted Open After Dark," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray provided his thoughts on that title bout.


"Parts of the match that I loved from Copeland and Christian — I thought the Copeland entrance was shot really different and really well," Bully explained. "I loved it when they went outside the ring and Copeland was beating the s**t out of Christian. Copeland put on a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, and he put, I believe, a Boston Bruins jersey on Christian, and they got into a big hockey fight right there where the benches would be for a hockey game." Even though he is not a big hockey fan, Bully wishes Copeland and Cage would have "milked" that moment a little longer. The ECW legend was also hoping former ice hockey player and television commentator, Don Cherry, would come out and interview Copeland in one of his custom-made suits.


Overall, Bully said there was a little bit of everything. He mentioned there was "good psychology" considering the type of action that unfolded under the "I Quit" stipulation. He ultimately thought it was "fun" and "entertaining." Additionally, Bully loved the fact that Daniel Garcia held the ladder in the match for Copeland, saying that's what a good babyface should do. He pointed out the referee should never hold the ladder because it comes across as if they're showing favoritism.

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