Adam Copeland Makes Christian Cage Say 'I Quit' On AEW Dynamite, Claims TNT Championship

In a match that became the first of its kind, starting on "AEW Dynamite" and carrying right on over to "Rampage," Adam Copeland forced Christian Cage to say, "I quit" with a low blow from his nail-laden paddle "Spike" (and the threat of a bludgeoning thereafter), securing the AEW TNT Championship for the second time.


As is to be expected in an "I Quit" match, Copeland and Cage utilized a bevy of weapons, including the tried and true tables, ladders, and chairs. They also took advantage of being in the hockey hotbed of Toronto to make use of the hometown Maple Leafs' penalty box for a slugfest after Copeland "borrowed" a pair of jerseys from fans in the first row behind the box, as well as Cage getting dropped over top of a hockey goal and both men feeling the brunt of a hockey stick several times over. The involvement of Nick and Shayna Wayne along with Killswitch seemed to turn the tides in favor of Cage before Daniel Garcia and Matt Menard helped to even the odds.

Ultimately, with Cage's allies neutralized, the leader of "The Patriarchy" found himself handcuffed in the corner after a series of punches from all of Copeland, Garcia, and Menard. "The Rated-R Superstar" then proceeded to pummel Cage with a series of low blow kicks before finally presenting "Spike" and introducing that to his nether regions as well. When he raised the weapon above Cage's head, seemingly ready to swing it down in catastrophic fashion, the incumbent champion finally ceded, saying, "I quit," and making Copeland the new titleholder.