AEW Star Chris Jericho Gets Candid About The WWE Hall Of Fame

While Chris Jericho is currently an AEW-contracted talent, considering his years of service and accolades in WWE, there's little doubt that he's a future first-ballot Hall Of Famer. The only problem for WWE is that Jericho doesn't have much interest in being inducted in the first place. 


"What is a Hall Of Fame to begin with? Honestly, who gives a s**t? It really doesn't mean anything to me," he said on "Talk Is Jericho." "I'm huge into rock and roll, the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is stupid, wrestling Hall Of Fames are stupid, it's just like whatever." Jericho admitted he would like to pull a Sex Pistols, who opted to not turn up when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. He also cited Axl Rose as another example, recalling how he not only didn't turn up when Guns N' Roses were inducted, but sent a letter telling them they couldn't mention his name, which Jericho said, "Would be a good one."

Despite his desire to create a true rock and roll moment by no-showing the event, Jericho has had a cavalcade of great rivals and partners who could potentially induct him one day. If he had his choice, it would be Kevin Owens who got the nod for that role. "We had this really great chemistry and I loved working with him as a partner, as opponents too, but we had such great chemistry and I learned a lot from him too so, and just a legit super, super nice guy. A very great sense of humor, and I really enjoyed his company, so I think as of right now that'd be a great guy to do that," Jericho said. "If I decide to show up."


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