AJ Francis Said This Person Stuck Up For Him A Lot During Time In WWE As Top Dolla

Since being released from WWE, AJ Francis — formerly Top Dolla — has appeared in both GCW and TNA, where he's made his latest arrival. Appearing on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Francis commented on his WWE run and named the one person who always stood up for him backstage.


"Paul Heyman used to stand up for me a lot," Francis claimed. "And Paul Heyman would say they can't see the difference between what John Cena and Max Caster and what you're doing." Francis also claimed Heyman considered his rapping legitimate within the wrestling realm, and not comedy rap. Despite the higher-ups not having a problem with his rapping, Francis claims they still prevented him from performing on television. He recalled sending video packages to Heyman that were meant to open the shows, but this never happened. Additionally, he claimed neither he nor Hit Row got their flowers, and said they were never credited for a major segment with LA Knight.

"When LA Knight had that 2 million view video on YouTube in 24 hours from the Madison Square Garden dark show, we were in the segment with him. No one ever gave us our flowers for that." Francis also said there were many other occasions where they never got their flowers for what they did, but noted that Heyman always had their back. "I would send him my videos, and he would love them. I would send other people my videos and they would love them, but they just would never put them on TV."


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