Kevin Sullivan Talks Tony Khan Running ROH SuperCard Of Honor Week Of WrestleMania 40

Tony Khan has made efforts to take WWE head-on as he establishes AEW and continues to work on ROH at the same time. ROH's next pay-per-view, Supercard of Honor, will coincide with "WWE SmackDown" and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony ahead of WrestleMania weekend, which Kevin Sullivan thinks is a bad idea. According to Sullivan on "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," while he thinks Khan is being ballsy, the PPV will likely do poor numbers.


"He has a lot of balls. I don't think this can be a positive thing. He's not gonna draw a million people, if he draws a couple of hundred thousand it's gonna look bad." Sullivan then added that WrestleMania will likely dominate the industry for that weekend. "Not knocking anybody, but nothing's going to get any bit of sunshine on them except WrestleMania." He later suggested that Khan further divides ROH from AEW by having a storyline takeover to allow the promotion to stand on its own. "What if they put Terry Silken, that he bought the company away from Tony and had it separated (...) and then twice a year they have crossovers?"

Khan's plans with ROH remain secret at this point, but in a 2023 interview, he claimed he's being very careful about getting a TV deal for the promotion. Unfortunately, nothing has come to fruition, but it seems the AEW President does have some major plans for ROH.


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