Nic Nemeth, FKA Dolph Ziggler In WWE, Talks Intimidation In TNA, NJPW Locker Rooms

Since his WWE departure, Nic Nemeth has seemingly gotten back on track with his career and has competed in both TNA and NJPW, where he captured the IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship. Appearing on former WWE star Dylan Postl's (Hornswoggle) podcast, "Going Postl," Nemeth commented on working in the TNA and NJPW locker rooms. Nemeth explained how his experience backstage is currently difficult since he got used to seeing the same people for 15 years, and always having someone to sit next to during lunch breaks.


"Now] I'm just looking around I go 'Alright, I know this one guy — ah, he's busy. I know Dana Brooke — ah, she's busy.'" He then noted how much he's been talking about his next move in the industry, and that he's worried one bad match could ruin what's left of his career. "If I have a bad one tomorrow, that's one bad one in three tries, like 'Oh my God, I've lost it! I'm not the guy I said I was.' And just walking into those locker rooms, it's a little intimidating." 

Despite this, he claims things are starting to lighten up, but recalled how easy it was to travel in WWE, as officials were always leading them to their next destination. Lastly, Nemeth noted how different the creative process is in TNA and NJPW, but that the experience has humbled him and made him want to be better. "Maybe that makes me want to pull out a better match. I don't want it to be 'Oh, in that bubble he was good, but now with everybody else, he can't hang.' And I've come to realize I absolutely can and I'll be fine."


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