NJPW's Alex Coughlin Announces Retirement From Pro Wrestling

NJPW's Alex Coughlin, a prominent member of the War Dog faction within The Bullet Club, has surprisingly announced his retirement from pro wrestling without warning. The announcement came courtesy of a post on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account.


"Yeah I'm retired and it sucks now leave me the f**k alone. Actually I have some merch and gear to sell still so don't f**k off just yet."

Based on how Coughlin describes his retirement as sucking, it could be believed that he has been forced to step away begrudgingly due to an undisclosed injury since he's only 30 years old. It's unclear whether his retirement will result in him stepping away from wrestling entirely or taking a backstage role instead. Additionally, his post might be a joke, considering how unceremonious it was and that there has yet to be a report confirming his decision or word from NJPW that he has parted ways with the promotion. Interestingly, Coughlin's NJPW contract was rumored to expire in January 2024, along with other members of the Bullet Club War Dogs faction. However, it's unclear what his current status is regarding that. 


Coughlin's last recorded match was at NJPW The New Beginning In Osaka 2024, in February, where he teamed up with Clark Connors, David Finlay, Drilla Moloney, and Gabe Kidd and successfully defeated Francesco Akira, Henare, Jeff Cobb, TJP, and Will Ospreay in a five-on-five cage match. Coughlin started his career in 2018, wrestling in New York Wrestling Connection, before jumping to NJPW later that same year.