Booker T Explains Why Matt Cardona's Zack Ryder Persona Can't Return To WWE

Matt Cardona has come a long way since his days in WWE as Zack Ryder, establishing himself as a major star on the independent circuit, where he boasts many accolades. While some want him to return to WWE and reprise his former moniker, Booker T explained on his "Hall of Fame" podcast that this wouldn't be possible.


"He's done a good job, I think there's no way he can go back to 'Zack Ryder.'" Booker proclaimed. "I think those days are over, I really do. I think he's solidified himself and put himself in a position where it's going to be beneficial for him in the long run."

Booker also compared his career and recalled how he was never forced to change his name when he jumped from WCW to WWE. "I know for me, coming to WWE/WWF back in the day and being able to keep my name, Booker T? Man, that let me know that I was a star, baby. Big-time star. You can't replace that name, Booker T, so we gotta keep it."

Meanwhile, Cardona explained that he'll only return to WWE if he can keep his current name. According to the "Indie God," he plans to end his career in an arena someday and not a high school gym, but right now, he's making more money and is happier than he's ever been in the industry. However, he admitted that he would pick up the phone if he ever got a call from WWE.


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