AEW Star Chris Jericho Looks Back On Wrestling Journey

Chris Jericho began his wrestling career in 1990, undeniably accomplishing a great deal in the 34 years since. During a recent episode of "Talk Is Jericho," the AEW star took some time to reflect on his work, paraphrasing Gene Simmons of Kiss by stating that every step up the ladder of his career felt like a major moment.


"I remember just going to wrestling school in Calgary when I was 19 years old [and saying], 'I made it. I'm in a wrestling ring,'" Jericho said. "And then having my first match ... and having like 70 people clapping for me or whatever it was. I was like, 'This is it! I made it!'"

As he continued his career, wrestling in Japan became a goal for Jericho. After accomplishing that relatively quickly, Jericho continued setting and achieving his goals, from competing in Mexico and ECW, to WCW, and eventually making it to WWE. However, it's a late-career accomplishment that Jericho now looks back on most fondly.

"The moment that I really have the most pride [for] in my career is taking the chance to help start AEW," Jericho continued. "I knew that, if it worked, we could change the course of wrestling history. If it didn't work, it was a pretty big risk — it could tarnish your legacy. But what if it does work?"


Jericho pointed out that the company earned a big TV contract just a few months into AEW's existence, making everyone involved realize the potential they had on their hands. The former WWE star stated that AEW's existence has directly affected the amount of money wrestlers are now able to make in the industry, and Jericho is confident he played a significant part in making that happen.

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