WWE's Roman Reigns Throws Shade At CM Punk During Pat McAfee Interview

Roman Reigns took aim at injured WWE star CM Punk during his appearance on the "The Pat McAfee Show." The moment occurred after a "Punk" chant broke out during the interview, with Reigns gesturing toward his arm and feigning crying as he mocked his colleague's torn triceps injury. He then directly addressed Punk and where he feels they differ in mentality.


"I'm living my dream, man. This is what I wanted my whole life," he started. "So I'm not one of them people that once I got there it just wasn't what I expected; I'm not like CM Punk where I got to the top of the mountain, it's not like, 'Oh it's not what I expect so I'mma b*tch about it.' No, once you reach your goals, enjoy the dream. This is what you've been working for, and that's exactly what I'm doing."

Reigns' issues with Punk are long-standing, made public after the latter slated his work with The Shield, and the fact management wanted an emphasis on the now-"Tribal Chief." It's fair to say Reigns hasn't minced his words about Punk, previously admitting he didn't like him and not knowing many people who do. Reigns said he doesn't envision himself anywhere else than WWE, nor does he want the dream to end, so he does everything in his power to ensure it doesn't. He admitted that he keeps his personal life very private but explained that he is always working and looking to improve.


"I'm just obsessed with continuing to progress," he explained. So I know there's another level, I know there's more I can do, so I don't like to get satisfied or comfortable with the current level that I'm on."

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