WWE HOFer Goldberg Addresses Accident That Ended Bret Hart's In-Ring Career

Chances are that fans of Bret Hart will be able to recall the moment that ended the career of the former WWE Champion. Goldberg faced Bret Hart for the WCW World Heavyweight title at Starrcade 1999, during the match he landed a misjudged superkick, concussing Hart and serving as the beginning of the "Hitman's" end in wrestling. It's a moment immortalized by the way Bret Hart has addressed it in recent years, going as far to liken Goldberg to a gorilla and branding him dangerous. Goldberg addressed the incident during a recent interview on "Nothing Left Unsaid" with Tim Green


"I was a baby in the wrestling business," he said, continuing to describe how he had sought mentorship from Hart, "I mean this guy was one of the best ever and so I was enthralled with him. I didn't idolize him by any stretch, I don't idolize anyone. But I put him up on that pedestal as someone to very much learn from. They put us together, and I did learn a lot from the guy, I wouldn't trade that for the world, then we had a match and unfortunately during the match something went wrong and I kicked him in the head and it was very stiff, and it was an accident."

Goldberg said that he would never maliciously go out of his way to hurt an opponent. He reasoned that wrestling is more akin to a dance than a fight, requiring both performers to be at their best for the best result, and he was in a position of immense trust that he wouldn't betray. Goldberg is less than enthralled with the way Hart has taken things in the years since.


"I've heard it for 15 years and I've heard about him b*tching and moaning about me kicking him in the head," Goldberg lamented. "I can only say I'm sorry so many times and I can only be remorseful for so long."