WCW Vet Kevin Sullivan Addresses The Issues With Wrestling's Mount Rushmore

The concept of a Mount Rushmore of Wrestling has been popular for quite some time, but former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan is seemingly not a fan of it as he criticized the concept and explained why it doesn't work. 


In a recent episode of "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," Sullivan opined that it doesn't make sense to have a general Rushmore, but that at best, there should be one for every era. 

"Everybody thinks they can fit into every era ... sorry, you can't. So, when you say 'Mount Rushmore,' you have to say the Mount Rushmore of that era," he said. "How can you say Mount Rushmore and have Hogan, Flair, Austin, and Rock on Mount Rushmore and not Roman? So, who gets dropped off?"

His co-host, Paul Bromwell, notably pointed out that The Undertaker wasn't even brought up in this conversation. Interestingly, The Undertaker was recently asked about his personal Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling as well, and named four legends of the industry. 


Sullivan also recently commented on the career of late wrestling legend Paul Orndorff, who he believes is largely unsung, despite being a WWE Hall of Famer. "The Taskmaster" also recalled personally knowing Orndorff and claimed that he was present when the late legend controversially beat Vader — a man known for his gigantic stature — unconscious in the ring. Notably, few veterans have named Orndorff on their Wrestling Mount Rushmore, which seemingly proves Sullivan's point.

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