Mojo Rawley Discusses Severe Battle With COVID-19 And His WWE Release

The wrestling industry was notably hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, many stars in the industry also caught the disease and had their lives affected by it. Mojo Rawley recently sat down on the "Power Alphas Podcast," where he revealed his battle with COVID, which played a part in his release from WWE.


"I got it really bad, really bad. I almost died from it," Rawley claimed. He continued, recalling going to the hospital because he struggled to breathe. "I got hit and for some reason, it hit me worse than anybody else in the company. I couldn't wear t-shirts. I couldn't lay down. Anything was suffocating. There were days I couldn't speak."

Rawley noted how his struggle with the disease kept him on the shelf for almost an entire year, and that he fought hard to recover and constantly relapsed. He also suggested that a simple move like a body slam could've resulted in his death. "It was up, it was down, it was all over the place and I was really concerned that maybe we'd be building toward a pay-per-view match and one of these bouts would hit and I couldn't function."


Due to this, he unfortunately had talks with WWE and both parties came to terms with his release. "So, had a conversation with WWE and that was it. We went our own separate ways and I needed to figure out what to do next."

Rawley was released in 2021, ending his almost decade-long run with WWE.

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