Trick Williams Shares Why WWE NXT Stand And Deliver 2024 Will Be Personal

"WWE NXT" star Trick Williams is set to take on his former tag team partner, Carmelo Hayes, during the brand's next PLE, Stand And Deliver. Williams and Hayes have a lot of bad blood after the latter attacked the former, ending their partnership and revealing that he was also the one who attacked Williams in October. However, the match has more significance to Williams than just the current heat between he and Hayes.


Like many wrestlers, notably including Goldberg and Roman Reigns, Williams also transitioned from football to pro wrestling. During his brief career in the sport, he competed in The Spring League in 2018 and played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Due to Stand And Deliver taking place in Philadelphia this year, Williams will yet again take a bump in the city, something he shared in a recent post on X. "I played my last snap of football with the Eagles. I took my first bump in Philly. Coming back this time is personal."

The grudge match between the two former friends will undoubtedly be heated, but their storyline might be far from over. According to a report from "Fightful Select," Hayes will likely be called up to the main roster later this year, but Williams has similarly impressed the WWE brass. His appearance on "WWE SmackDown" is largely responsible for this, and some of Fightful's backstage sources suggested that the feud will be elevated to the main roster sooner rather than later. It remains to be seen if this will be the case, especially since Williams was still gunning after the "NXT" North American Championship before Hayes betrayed him.