Former WWE Star Gangrel Names Modern Wrestlers He'd Add To The Brood

Between the mid-'90s fervor over "Interview with the Vampire' and the 2000s "Twilight" craze that both served to put undead bloodsuckers in the pop culture spotlight, David Heath was portraying one on the independent wrestling scene. In 1998, Heath signed with WWE as Gangrel, a goblet-carrying, blood-spewing character who formed a faction with upstarts Edge and Christian called The Brood. With their "Lost Boys"-inspired presentation, not to mention a banger of a theme song, The Brood quickly made an impact during WWE's Attitude Era, highlighted by a memorable rivalry with the Hardy Boyz.


At a recent "For the Love of Wrestling" Q&A, Gangrel was asked if there were any contemporary wrestlers that would fit in a modern-day version of The Brood. "I would like to change the path of the Young Bucks and make them in the Brood," Gangrel said. "Just picturing, you know, young vampires ... I would even go older, I like Frankie Kazarian. Christopher Daniels was supposed to be one of the original members of The Brood, too. They're older now ... but I think Young Bucks would fit in there really good."

Gangrel does have a history with the Bucks, as he was briefly used in AEW to escalate a feud between them and the Hardys. On a May 2022 episode of "AEW Rampage," Gangrel managed Matt and Nick Jackson against Taylor Rust and Jon Cruz. After the bout, the Bucks — cosplaying as the Hardys — attacked Gangrel from behind before Matt and Jeff made the save. In addition to the names previously mentioned, Gangrel offered up another surprising candidate for a hypothetical present-day Brood. "Matt Riddle would be great in the Brood," Gangrel said, before joking that he would probably stay away from his blood given some of Riddle's extracurricular activities.