WWE Star Becky Lynch Discusses Working As A Heel In Pro Wrestling

Becky Lynch is one of the biggest stars of her generation, and while she's often been a heroic babyface and championed the fans, she's also been the villain a fair share of times. Speaking with "Rosenberg Wrestling," Lynch was asked about portraying a heel, and explained what she finds easier about it all. Compared to a babyface, Lynch believes that a heel is immune to backlash.


"You can be abrasive. You can be an a**hole. You can say whatever you want, you can do whatever you want and the babyface is not afforded that luxury. So, there's a freedom that comes with being a heel." Lynch explained that heels generally fulfill their promises in storylines, while babyfaces tend to fall short more often, likely to retain their roles as underdogs. "Then there's a thing of heels saying something to the babyface or doing something and fulfilling their promises more regularly and then that becomes difficult — it ends up being this hard line to walk."

When it came to the persona she's portraying right now, heading into WrestleMania 40, Lynch described herself as an anti-hero. "Right now, I'm at the stage where kind of whatever everybody thinks of me, It's their business and I'm going to do me regardless." Additionally, she claimed it's easier to relate to a villain and explained why. "It's hard for people to relate to that because that's not how we are as human beings. We don't turn the other cheek, we're not infallible in terms of emotions and doing the wrong thing — doing the bad thing."


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