AEW's Kenny Omega Names Hardcore Weapon That's Hardest To Take Shots From

Professional wrestlers take huge amounts of punishment on a regular basis just from bumping in a normal wrestling ring. However, there are occasions where traditional wrestling moves aren't enough to get the job done, and various weapons have to be brought into the mix. Over the years, fans have seen wrestlers use everything from steel chairs and garbage cans, to staple guns and literal kitchen sinks in order to gain an advantage in a match, but there is one weapon former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega hates more than most.


During a recent Twitch stream, Omega was asked which hurts the most between barbed wire, glass, and thumbtacks, and while he's encountered all of them in his time in the ring, he did have a definitive answer. "I've had some bad accidents with barbed wire unfortunately," Omega said. "I got really destroyed in the last match where I took a superplex [on barbed wire] and I looked like I got attacked by a rabid wolverine. So just because of my luck with it ... but all of those things, they're all dangerous in their own way." Omega noted that things like Lego bricks and the analogue sticks on video game controllers also hurt a lot.

Omega came into contact with barbed wire more frequently than ever during his lengthy feud with Jon Moxley. Their 'Lights Out' unsanctioned match at Full Gear 2019 saw them land in a barbed wire spider web, their match at Revolution 2021 was an 'Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match,' just to make the barbed wire even more dangerous, and The Elite's feud with the Blackpool Combat Club in 2023 also saw Omega encounter barbed wire on more than one occasion.


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