Former WWE Star Al Snow Explains What He Doesn't Like About Pro Wrestling These Days

WWE veteran Al Snow hasn't competed in the promotion since 2007, but has continued to compete in numerous other venues, with his most recent match taking place in October 2023, as well as running Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Due to this, Snow is still active in the industry as both a competitor and mentor, but on "Busted Open Radio," he explained that while he still loves wrestling, he has one major issue.


" I guess what I don't like about it is the loss of the real art of what it is, you know. The art of selling," Snow proclaimed. He then went on to try and describe what he was referring to. "The misunderstandings, the lack of intrinsic things that are of the true nature of what we do." Snow followed this by claiming that there's a general misunderstanding that selling simply means acting like you're hurt when you aren't. "The objective of selling is selling who you are and selling your intent, your sense of urgency, that you're really attempting to try to win and not lose a match."

Lastly, he pointed towards the current state of the industry, and how so many talented performers are still trying to sell the wrong thing. Snow then explained that selling a character is a universal concept in sports entertainment, and that this is done in sports like football, basketball, MMA, and more. "It's not what these athletes do, it's the who the athlete is that you can believe in. And what's at stake? Why does this one game matter? Why should you as an audience care?"


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